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have someone write your documentation and ad text who speaks the language. Oddly, there are many people who speak English who would rewrite your copy for your software, so you wouldn't really have to pay them.

It is amazing to me (often) how rarely this happens! Five minutes of my time would produce:
"No longer will data loss be a headache! As a comprehensive data-recovery solution, iCare Data Recovery can easily recover files from accidentally-formatted drives, unexpected file deletion, raw drive or raw filesystem [this would need some explanation before it can be expressed properly], virus attack, deleted partition, software crash, etc. It can recover any deleted file, including photos, documents, mp3s, outlook files, and works on digital camera media, SD cards, USB drives, iPods, other memory formats, etc."
Oh, look. That actually took 1.5 minutes!
I'm not trying to get down on iCare: any GAoTD client could do this, and GAoTD users would be ideal candidates! (Maybe have a contest: whoever does the best job of rewriting the GAoTD software gets that language copy of the professional, top-level software for free!

William Brohinsky , 08.01.2011, 12:33
Idea status: under consideration


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